Can the Kop lift Klopp?

Can the Kop lift Klopp?

EFL Semi Final – 2nd Leg

In sport things can turn around pretty quickly – for good and for bad! Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is finding out the hard way that when things start to go wrong they are hard to stop.

Klopp’s problems really started when he tried to rest players to get through the FA Cup tie at home to Plymouth and then tried to squeeze something out of the first leg of the EFL semi. Such is the game that when you take liberties you end up getting punished elsewhere. A late Utd goal denied them points at Old Trafford and then you can’t resurrect it against a poor Swansea side at home. The players will now be a little short on confidence at just the wrong time of the season.

Liverpool’s opponents in the EFL semi are experiencing a slight upturn in their form and will fancy their chances of getting through to the Wembley showpiece. They are hardly flying themselves but three wins in their last four fixtures will give them the spur they need to go to Anfield and get a result in what will be no doubt be a great cup tie atmosphere.

What will be of concern to Klopp will be conceding three goals at home to Swansea at the weekend. A defensive performance similar to that and they will not be making the trip to London. You have to believe that they will score as that is their main strength but at the same time they will be wary of Southampton getting an away goal and making life much more difficult. So, expect a cagey opening and should Liverpool not get a goal in the opening 30 mins it will be a test of Kop to see if they can lift their men to make the breakthrough.

Southampton are a decent outfit and will be ready for what is to come. It will be a frantic second half no matter what. Liverpool will most likely be chasing the game and leave themselves open to the counter attack. This one has exciting written all over it but the scoreline will be far from the reflection as the game ends 1-1 and it’s the Saints that will be off to Wembley in February.

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